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“Discover the Amazing New And Unique Pain Management Techniques Created By Ex-Registered Nurse Lian Thompson, Combining a Variety of The World’s Most Effective Natural Healing Therapies Into One Easy Method…

  • Are you suffering debilitating pain that’s bothering you and only seems to be ‘getting worse’?
  • Have you tried many different pain relief options but nothing seems to work?
  • Is your pain affecting other areas of your life such as work, leisure and even sleep or rest?
  • Are you feeling side effects of your pain (including emotional or psychological), such as demotivation, fatigue or depression?
  • Want or need to avoid toxic medications or addictive prescription drugs?

These are just some of the questions you should be asked by a specialist when trying to help combat the pain you’re experiencing.

Welcome to Infinite Coherence.

We specialise in helping people heal their pain when they’ve tried everything else and all hope has been lost. Our focus centres around treating their pain and related issues in an effective, practical and natural way.

Here’s how…
Lian Thompson is a pain management integrated therapist, hypnotherapist, and spiritual healer that combines a unifying blend of the most effective pain reversal techniques.

Her proven therapies, called infinite coherence, not only make her a total holistic healer, but are almost guaranteed to provide results, and very often immediately.

The Importance of Professional Treatment

Pain can start as a physical problem, but it can quickly turn into a stressful relationship, a difficult financial situation, or an emotional issue.

Whether you’re suffering from ‘acute’ pain that has developed after an accident, illness, surgery or even an unknown cause, leaving it untreated could elevate that pain into ‘chronic’.

Chronic pain is much harder to treat, and while not impossible, will undoubtedly create more discomfort, distress and displeasure in your life.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Lian Thompson is one of the most regarded experts in her field globally and a highly sought & trusted healing practitioner.

There are plenty of other therapists around that claim to be pain management experts. We know this because their clients have usually found their way to us and shared their story.

Many of them have attempted seeking temporary or permanent pain relief, and most often, leave the practitioner feeling no difference at all.

That forms big portion of our clientele.

However, you don’t need an endless search of practitioners to qualify as a welcomed client of ours. Save your heartache and pain and get relief early with our help.

Unmatched Industry Results

Lian is the ONLY (known) practising Reiki therapist in Australia attuned to a unique pre-Buddhism line and has a unique healing energy that cannot be taught to other therapists in a weekend workshop.

From the moment you book your appointment, Lian begins energetically working on you. It’s common for people to say they’ve experienced feeling better, even before they attend their first visit.

This is NOT any kind of voodoo or a coincidence. Rather it’s a unique energetic healing that Lian possesses, labelling her as a “physical healer”, not a “faith healer”.

Her energy vibrates at a different frequency, and is describe by many as unique and positive. As a matter of fact, her frequency needs to be experience to feel the difference.

Terminal illness pain

If you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, or suffer physical pain levels as high as 9 out of 10, Lian calls on her experience to help assist in scaling down the pain when the medical model cannot provide proper long term relief.

Through her Energetic Quantum Work, she also helps many people who have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer that are no longer able to be treated with chemo due to liver failure.

In-clinic visitation or online session

Naturally, physical pain is best addressed in a personal visit. However if you’re suffering from emotional pain, our services work equally as well online via s Skype session as they do in person.

Literally, you could be anywhere in the world and still find relief with our methods.

Contact us and we’ll arrange online treatment for you.

Note: If you have physically torn a ligament or suffered a major injury, this may and usually requires medical assistance, including x-rays or detailed assessment. Lian will guide you to the best next steps you need to take.

The systoms that Lian can help you treat include;

  • Whip lash
  • RSI
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Cramps
  • Stiff Neck
  • Restless Leg
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Pregnancy – Labour Primer
  • Lower Back Pain (really common)
  • Pregnancy – Morning Sickness
  • Migraines
  • Lymphoedema
  • Reflux
  • Digestion Issues

90% feel better and notice a huge shift after just one session.

In fact… there’s always a shift and after 3 sessions there is more often than not a MAJOR SHIFT and a significant degree of change.

Lian says “Many of my long-term clients come back on a maintenance program, just to continue to look after their physical and mental well-being so they can continue to enjoy the freedom of feeling the level of comfort they have been able to achieve.”

What others are saying about
Lian Thompson’s Infinite Coherence treatment

  • “Sue from Moonee Ponds is now able to work without pain…”

    “A friend of mine who is a remedial massage therapist in W.A. insisted I try Emmett technique. After being treated by Chiropractors and Osteopaths nearly weekly for more than 10 years I finally went and saw Lian. I went to have my neck and shoulders seen to but after one session I realised my sore foot and hip was a lot less painful. I loved the results so much I was getting from Lian I went and learnt Emmett to treat my horses. My whole body has changed since I met Lian and I am able to work without pain now which I hadn’t been able to achieve in over 20 years”.

    Sue – Moonee Ponds
  • “Lian is an excellent and outstanding therapist…”

    “I had tried other therapist but was attracted to Lian’s professionalism and knowledge. Her practice is very welcoming and professional. I was very badly injured in a MVA years ago and the injuries were quite restrictive. With Lian’s help I am able to function well – including ridding my push bike for long distances regularly. I have recommended Lian to others”.

    Tony – Essendon
  • “I was upset, anxious, crying all the time…”

    “I was upset, anxious, crying all the time and not sleeping well following an altercation in my workplace. I was lucky I found Lian on the internet.  From the very first session I felt great, calm, more energised and had no problem sleeping. I only had 3 session with Lian and already I am back to my happy self. I strongly recommend her work”.​

    H.A – West Footscray
  • “In my books, Lian Thompson is the miraculous walking. Having trained in almost every healing and transformational modality you could imagine, she’s now working in a way that ties all of those together and creates new breakthroughs, resulting in new insights, possibilities and miracles for those she works with. I can highly recommend her as one of the top people in her field in the world. And she’s a wonderful person as well. You can’t top that combo. Give her a try. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the outcomes:”.

    Soleira Green
  • “Lian is extraordinarily connected and her work with the body is miraculous…”

    “I have been on weekly consciousness calls with Lian and energy workers from around the world for at least the last 2 years. She is extraordinarily connected and her work with the body miraculous. Her latest works sees the client working with the toroidal energy fields and their highest selves creating an environment which enables their bodies to return to the perfection that they are. Her presence causes amazing shifts in her client’s energies and bodies… sometimes even before the session (as in my case)!”.

    Ushma Patel
  • I was referred to Lian by a friend…

    My experience with Lian’s work was very rewarding. I was referred to Lian by a friend who had her sore back “fixed” by Lian.  I suffered pain and limitation in movement in my shoulders, elbows and forearms from carrying heavy trays working in a bakery. I had pain relief and improved movement right from the first session. I would definitely recommend Lian to anybody“.

    K.F. Brunswick

Pain-free relief is possible with just a few friendly non-invasive treatments.

Regardless of your pain levels or prior condition, in as little as just ONE session, you can experience relief from pain and notice a huge freeing difference.

After just two sessions, it’s likely that your 3rd session may well be just a review session.

Special Offer

Whether you’re suffering from either physical or emotional pain, or a combination of both, if you’re a new client, we’d like to offer you something special to help start your pain-free journey.

Get ONE free session (limited time only)

Pay for 2 sessions and get the 3rd FREE (valued at $130.00)*

And as our way of saying ‘thank-you’ for visiting our clinic, we’d also like to gift you with a customer loyalty card, allowing you to receive your 10th visit FREE.

Just ask for your card at your next appointment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We are so confident about the quality of our in-clinic and online treatments that we ensure you receive exceptional service every time.

What to do next…

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Book Your Free 10-Minute Physical and Emotional Pain Check to Discover How to Turn  Your Pain OFF Naturally and Effectively… and discover how to  claim a free full session…(Valued at $130.00).  Call  0429 459 854 Now or Enter Your Details Below!

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